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Where are your North Carolina ports?

You may have heard of the North Carolina Ports in Wilmington and Morehead City. But what about the Port of Charlotte? Or the Port of Asheville? While they may not exist at the water’s edge, these symbolic NC ports tell the story of the economic reach the North Carolina Ports have across our state.

Without the North Carolina shipping ports, businesses would incur increased costs for both inbound and outbound services. Without the North Carolina shipping ports, tax revenues would drop by hundreds of millions of dollars. But the NC Ports don’t just affect businesses. The North Carolina shipping ports support tens of thousands of jobs for men and women in every region of our state. From the mountains to the sea, the NC Ports are dedicated to growth and economic development that benefits the entire state.


There’s a vital part of Charlotte’s economy you don’t see at first glance: the North Carolina Ports. Innumerable businesses in Charlotte — from the large financial institutions to the industrial machinery industries — depend on the ports to deliver the global access they need to stay competitive in this economy.

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Even though the AdvantageWest economic region is the farthest away from our coast, the NC Ports are critical to some of their heritage industries, especially furniture. As an importer and exporter of fabrics, upholstery, raw materials and finished goods, the ports provide the means for local furniture manufacturers to thrive. And the opportunity for the rest of the region to keep growing.

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The economic region in and around Raleigh would be missing a crucial component of its success without the North Carolina Ports. Whether it’s top-of-the-line heavy equipment or cutting-edge electronics, the Research Triangle develops some of the most innovative products in the world. The NC Ports are proud to ship that innovation from our state to the rest of the globe.

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Duplin County

The North Carolina Ports are a key part of Eastern NC – literally and figuratively. Providing thousands of jobs and partnering with local businesses, the ports are essential to this region. While you may not always see the shining Atlantic Ocean as you look out across the coastal plains, you will always see evidence of the economic growth provided by the North Carolina Ports.

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For more than a century, manufacturing has been the lifeblood of the Piedmont Triad’s growth – and so has the North Carolina Ports. As an indispensable partner, the NC Ports help transport and ship diverse goods and products – from tires to textiles to heavy machinery – across the world, leading to even greater economic development of the area.

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Real Port Perspectives


Success Stories


    AP Exhaust Technologies

    Goldsboro, NC

    Efficiency and specialized service help AP Exhaust Technologies stay ahead of the curve.



    Grieg Star Shipping


    A partnership fueling the global forestry industry for more than 25 years.



    Lowe’s Home Improvement

    Mooresville, NC

    A perfect example of the NC Port’s dedication to building success in our state.